If you want to...

  • Attract your soulmate clients

    Those who WANT to work with you and you ENJOY to work with. Those who knows how valuable your offer is to them.

  • Sell more without selling

    No more of those cold calls, but only qualified leads that are truly interested in what your have to propose.

  • Find your true voice

    Differenciate yourself from the competition and feel confident with your own signature story elements.

Do you want to attract clients instead of chasing them?

Learn to master the power of words

Through the course of a 18 year long career in marketing and communication, I helped many businesses to get noticed, launch products and sell more. But it's when I handled a big change management as an internal communication director that I realized the power of storytelling. Stories touch people through emotions, it help them relate, feel, understand and remember. Stories are used for thousand years to pass the most important messages. It's time for you to learn how to use this power to attract your dream clients and get the successful business that you want.
Let's start!
Do you want to attract clients instead of chasing them?

Why me?

  • Marie Van Den Berghe

    Storytelling coach & mentor

    Marie Van Den Berghe

    I have almost 20 years of experience in the fields of sales, marketing and communication. I've been copywriter as a side hustle for years and I have a passion for creative writing. I experienced first hand the power of storytelling in various leading positions. Now I want to help women entrepreneurs like me to get the success they deserve. Rather than writing for you, I prefer to teach you how to master the power of words. Like the old saying goes... "Give someone a fish, he will eat one day. Teach him how to fish, he'll eat everyday". #womenempoweringwomen