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You would like to spend less time chasing clients and more time serving dream clients. Having a compelling funnel in place will help you smoothly and seemlessly attract the right people to your business, and offering a perfectly calibrated tripwire is key to get that. What is a tripwire? Why do you need one? How does it help you client and your business? How to create one that will give the expected results? All the answers are in there.
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Who am I?

  • Marie Van Den Berghe

    Storytelling coach & mentor

    Marie Van Den Berghe

    I have almost 20 years of experience in the fields of sales, marketing and communication. I've been copywriter as a side hustle for years and I have a passion for creative writing. I experienced first hand the power of storytelling in various leading positions. Now I want to help women entrepreneurs like me to get the success they deserve. Rather than writing for you, I prefer to teach you how to master the power of words. Like the old saying goes... "Give someone a fish, he will eat one day. Teach him how to fish, he'll eat everyday". #womenempoweringwomen

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  • 5h worth of coaching for the price of a coffee

    These videos, assessments and workbooks will take you in an interactive journey of learning, because our brain process information better when getting several senses into action.

  • Actionable content so you really get things done

    It's not only pure theory. You'll get real exercises that will allow you to put your learnings into concrete actions for your business and get immediate results.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Your client's mindset
    • Video - Your client's journey into your funnel
    • Lesson assessment
    • Bonus Workbook - Your funnel template
  • 3
    The psychology of buying
    • Video - 7 psychological bias all buyers have
    • Lesson assessment
    • Bonus workbook - Into your client's mind
  • 4
    Why you need a tripwire
    • Video - The why and how of tripwires
  • 5
    Map your content
    • Video - Craft your perfect tripwire
    • Lesson assessment
    • Bonus Workbook - Your perfect tripwire
  • 6
    Set up your funnel
    • Video - set up your funnel
    • Supporting slides
  • 7
    • You did it!

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